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Dec 24, 2012 6:00pm EST
they came home from the grocery store -- best jerry garcia -- when they finally pulled up in part, i hope the window and just started shouting, might, i cite you ever get here. i need that so badly. and they just looked. and they came upstairs. for a mountain girl it was crucial because she had dirty been busted for pot can kesey and probably would've gone away at that time for many years. denard for real problem in any neighborhood. for no reason at all, there is a set up of people and so that's my story. i saved a mountain girl and jerry. [applause] >> why do we open up for questions. anybody have any questions? >> hi, i am cozy. i was fortunate and i met dad e4. i came here on the great medicine ball caravan. everyone was there. so when i arrived here, i think my first thanksgiving was spent with the members of congress. my first members was spent at the whole class over in the east bay and then came the exhibitionist in the middle. i came into london and the rock stars only make 20 pounds a month. when i met them they are, what really struck me was the inclusiveness. as you know, if y
Dec 16, 2012 9:00am EST
i met my partner, angela garcia, who happens to be in the audience and who's also written a wonderful book in many ways about the desert called the pastoral clinic about addiction. i met angela far away from the desert, but she's from the desert. and that's one of the things that, you know, i think i fell for immediately about her, the fact that she was a desert girl, a western girl i had already seen, i'd been there -- we've all seen northern -- [inaudible] postcard in a carousel in a truck stop or ansel adams, george o'keefe, there's a great santa fe or artist colony writers, how many westerns, you know, have we seen that have the landscape of mesas and buttes? northern new mexico in particular has a very powerful draw in temples of its enchanted landscape. indeed, the state -- official state thing in name of -- nickname of new mexico is land of enchantment which carries a whiff of new age mysticism with it and makes it soft and glowitem and warm and fuzzy and tends to obscure a much more complicated reality. and, ultimately, that's what desert america's about. how the d
Dec 16, 2012 3:00pm EST
and 29 palms, actually, just a few years later, i met my partner, angela garcia, in the audience tonight, teaches in stanford and wrote a wonderful book about the desert called "the pastoral clinic" about addiction. i met her far away from the desert, but she's from the desert. that's one of the things i fell for immediately about her, the fact she was a desert girl, a western girl with a capital "w," from nebraska, the south value -- new mexico, from the south valley. we lived in new mexico together while she did research on addiction for her research paper. we have stapp ford people remitting here -- we have stanford people representing here tonight. [laughter] i followed her on to another land scape, northern new mexico, which i'd already seen. i had been there a couple times as a tourist when i was younger, but we've seen new mexico remitted arian tis -- artistically whether it's a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3